Handmade Mesquite Bowl with a Swoosh of Yellow Sapwood

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This hand-turned mesquite bowl has beautiful figure throughout and a swoosh of yellow sapwood radiating from the bottom. The subtle rim detail pulls the eyes over the rim and down into the bowl. This bowl has several small cracks that have been stabilized and filled with copper powder, which adds to the character of the wood; however, this bowl should be used for dry foods only. It would be a great bowl for popcorn, fruit, or candy.

Dimensions: 8" round x 4" deep

Maintenance and care: This bowl was finished with food-safe walnut oil. Clean with soap and water, and dry after each use. When the wood begins to look dry, simply apply mineral oil, walnut oil, or any food-grade oil of your choice. If the bowl begins to feel rough, a quick sanding with 400 grit sandpaper will smooth it out. This bowl was handmade and likes to be hand-washed. Please do NOT put in the dishwasher.