Handmade Mesquite Bowl with Turquoise Inlay

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This bowl was hand-turned from locally harvested mesquite wood. The amazing figure and grain in this bowl can be attributed to the careful selection of the portion of the tree that was used. In this instance, the bowl was turned from an area where two branches converge, called a "crotch." The compression of wood fibers in this part of the tree causes the wood to look rippled. Woodworkers seek these special pieces of wood for their prized appearance.

A natural void in the rim of this bowl was filled with turquoise powder, giving it lots of character and a unique appearance.

Mesquite is renowned for its density and stability, and it holds up great to repeated use as a food serving bowl.

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Dimensions: 10 1/4" round x 2 1/8" deep

Maintenance and care: This bowl was finished with Danish oil. Clean with soap and water, and dry after each use. When the wood begins to look dry, simply apply any food-grade oil of your choice, such as walnut oil, mineral oil, or flaxseed oil. If the bowl begins to feel rough, a quick sanding with 400 grit sandpaper will smooth it out. This bowl was handmade and likes to be hand-washed. Please do NOT put in the dishwasher.