Mesquite Bowl with Small Bead


This beautiful bowl is handmade from locally harvested mesquite wood. The wood's natural grain and color range from amber to a reddish-brown hue, making this an elegant addition to any home. The bowl features a small yet elegant bead on the side, and the rim is beveled inward, adding to its unique design.

Mesquite is renowned for its density and stability, and it holds up great to repeated use as a food serving bowl.

Shipping info: FREE shipping. Ships within 2-3 days of order. Please get in touch with me for international shipping rates.

Dimensions: 7 5/8" diameter x 4 1/2" deep

Maintenance and care: This bowl was finished with food-safe walnut oil. Clean with soap and water, and dry after each use. If the wood begins to look dry, apply mineral oil, walnut oil, or any food-grade oil of your choice. If the bowl feels rough after use, a quick sanding with 400 - 600 grit sandpaper will smooth it out. This bowl was handmade and likes to be hand-washed. Please do NOT put it in the dishwasher.