Olivewood Bowl with Maple Bowtie Key Inlay

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This bowl was handmade from a local and responsibly sourced olive tree. In my experience, olive typically has more "imperfections" that need to be addressed than other wood species. I hand-cut and inlaid a couple of curly maple bowtie keys to address one of the cracks in the side of this bowl. I used copper powder to fill small cracks near the rim of the bowl. I chose to leave a bark inclusion and the other cracks untouched because of the character they add to this piece.

This bowl would make a great centerpiece, or be perfect for fruit and dry goods. It is not meant to hold liquids or salad.

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Dimensions: ~11" diameter x 4" deep

Maintenance and care: This bowl was finished with Danish oil. Wipe with a dry or damp cloth when necessary. If the bowl begins to look dry, another coat of Danish oil or any food-grade oil of your choice will restore the appearance. This bowl was handmade and it should not be submerged in water, or put in the dishwasher or microwave.